is the place where we live, the place that we ARE, where all the elements of our existence come to sit together: OUR BODY.

  1. The internal sensation of getting our broken pieces together; deflecting the acceptance of values that we did not create; despising resting in the coward, comfortable, idleness of a prisoner that prefers being forgotten, hidden in anonymity; strengthening ourselves by means of training to be more accurate, precise, reliable, aware, and awake.
  2. What we must access and grasp, again and again, at every single crop of present moment.
  3. That we depend on each other.
  4. What lies within our reach; not dreams, neither expectations nor hopes.

A system of values demands to be based in the reality of our physical existence and our enacted skills.

    a) Ability strategizes the future. This is the foundation of values.

    b) For instance, health is the result of our interaction with our environment. It is a negotiation, which arrives to a final settlement with our death. A healthy life is the result of continuous adjustments between our embodied selves and the world we live in. Health is, in this context, a skill that we develop.

    c) Skills are developed in order to achieve a goal. Therefore, a purposeless life cannot be healthy.

How can we stop (or at least dissipate) the influences that demand, break and defeat ourselves?

  • A child becomes an adult when leaving his nuclear family. His family ceases to be a protective cradle and a prison. His family members would be free too, and unprotected.
  • You are alone because that is what you wanted, and whether it is by chance or by mistake, this is your essential opportunity to learn to be alone. This could be your only chance to build your home, and choose whom you surround yourself with.

… Living like a traveler, not attaching yourself to anything, for a while, to learn, to satisfy your thirst for understanding.

Truth will find you only if you are detached of prejudice and intentions; but when you become contented with your wondering, only then will you want to start building a home. You will start its construction by constructing yourself, choosing your anchors, defining you interests, setting your basic values and becoming consistent, reliable, and organized.

Recognizing your desire, acting towards its satisfaction if you are in need and have the courage, taking responsibility for it, whether you choose to satisfy it or not, renouncing, perhaps denying its satisfaction, is an honest response to reality.

We are populated with many different desires that often conflict with each other. No one other than you can decide or accept which constellation of desires gets satisfied and which ones are placed aside...

Integrating them is Art.

Art is strategy, which requires directing the necessary resources to your improvement.

We have so many possibilities to be better.

Not improving is despicable.

Cowardice and laziness seem, from this perspective, to be equivalent.