Why would you try to make people around you fail?

Perhaps the series of unjustifiable mass killings and terrorist attacks, murdering random unrelated people, are the extreme expression of attitudes that we can observe everyday, in which people seem to be unaware of disrespecting their colleagues, neighbors and whoever happens to be close to them, being unreliable, inefficient, unaccommodating, but very demanding at the same time.

We live in a crowded environment, in highly populated urban conglomerates, overwhelmed by information, which would give the impression that we would be sufficiently educated about how to manage being with other people. However, the outcome is that most people do not see value in collaborating. They simply expect -and demand- that everyone else accommodate them.

There is no reasonable necessity to act this way. It is caused solely by laziness: To be destructive is an easy choice, more if it involves obliterating oneself in the process.

Those who make others waste time, waste their own time and potential in the process.

Ironically, they justify their behavior with complicated explanations, rooted in their personal beliefs, generalizing them to include everyone.


When dancing, we respect our partner’s freedom and existence not by leaving it untouched, but by challenging her or him to be free and present, and to respond by challenging ourselves to be free, honest and real as well.

What an efficient use of everyone’s energy it is to take the challenge of your partner, and in time, with no complaints or regrets, give an answer that continues the dance, the desire and the goal of our partner to continue dancing. 

That requires the courage of creativity. And no explanations.